Sunday, July 13, 2014

Thunderstorms, Supermoon, Teaching the Gospel

Just another busy week for us, as we enjoy our life here in beautiful West Virginia.  We did appreciate our day of rest and relaxation on Monday.  Other than an hour working at the Food Pantry the day was pretty quiet - and we needed that.  Tuesday was District Meeting in the morning.  My assignment was to give training from the "White Handbook".  I based my training around one little sentence,  "Maintain your health so that you can serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength."   We discussed health habits, especially good eating habits, I know I sounded like a Mom!  Oh well, I know that too many hot dogs and too much pop sometimes makes them sluggish, so we talked about it.  Probably didn't do any good, but I tried...  Of course, the next day we took our friend Traci with us when we went up to the Parks for a lesson, and Audrey had barbecued hot dogs for us for lunch!  I didn't tell the Elders!   We had a good time and our recent convert Audrey gave Traci a good lesson and bore her testimony to her about the importance of paying tithing, something Traci is struggling with right now.  On our way back from Parks I dropped Wayne off in Moorefield to meet his home teaching companion and they made some visits.  I took Traci home, then went to the church to work on genealogy with Becky.

We helped at the nursing home with Bingo on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and at the Food Pantry in the afternoons for a bit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We were blessed Friday to find another lost ward member, and Wayne and his HT companion found one in their visits too.  We keep plugging away at that lengthy list of the lost and forgotten.  Then miracles happen and we are just in the right spot at the right time to find these good people.  Thursday afternoon we drove to the small town of Franklin, it's out of our ward boundaries (out of our stake and mission, too, I think) to meet a resident at the nursing home there. Martha has daughters in our ward, so when she had to go into the nursing home they kept her records in our ward, even though technically she lives out of the ward.  She is a lovely lady and enjoyed our visit,  we enjoyed meeting her, hearing her stories, and admiring her room and family pictures, too.  On the way home we got caught in a storm,  lots of rain, which we needed.  It cooled things off nicely for a while.

Friday afternoon we worked at the Food Pantry with Elder Farr and Elder Hall, then took them visiting in Wardensville, Baker, and Mathias.  Such nice people, fun for us to see them.  All are our good friends now. We had a dinner appointment with Joy and family, way out in the woods.  She spoiled us with roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh green beans from her garden, hot rolls, pasta salad, and pie.  It was delicious,  the Elders stuffed themselves - and she sent home leftovers with all of us.  So sweet.  We continued on visiting and were just heading back towards Petersburg when the beautiful Super Moon showed up on the horizon - it was amazing.  Beautiful end to a nice, but tiring day.

Yesterday we were adopted into another family for their family reunion picnic.  We love that.  Great food, and a nice visit with a less-active ward member plus the opportunity to meet her family.  We also had another ward member drop by our apartment with a box of fresh vegetables from their amazing garden for us. They generously gave us tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and cucumbers.  I made zucchini bread last night, it smelled and tasted so good.   Another lovely lady brings us fresh eggs most Sundays - 2 dozen today!

Today Wayne left at 7:30 am with Elder Farr and Elder Hall to visit Romney, a small town about 45 miles from here.  They have a small branch of the church there but no missionaries and we had been told that there was a couple wanting to learn about our church and they had shown up at Church there last Sunday.  Wayne and the Elders met this nice couple and taught them the first missionary lesson, they are so eager to learn and already feel that this is the church for them!  I guess it was a pretty special experience.  Wayne and I and the two Elders are going up there Thursday night for dinner and another lesson with them.  I am excited to meet them.  Today I stayed here in Petersburg so I could pick up Samantha and Jacob, who were eager to attend church again.  I also went to Ward Council and had to teach Relief Society,  I really do enjoy that.  We are having trouble figuring out how to be in two places at once, so we did have to split up for the day.  We will get to be together to go to the Bishop's house for dinner tonight though, and his wife Lucy promised ribs and watermelon.   Yes, we are spoiled here.  We have another dinner invitation for tomorrow night, but have to work for it. We are taking all four elders way out to Lost City for a service project, with the promised dinner afterward.  I don't  like to give up my P-Day, but our Elders Quorum president is having back problems and really does need the help...

So that's our week, it's been a pretty good one.  And we would love to hear about yours.  We are so grateful for our good health and energy.  We are still trying to get out each morning for a walk as we begin the day.  And by the end of the day sometimes the stairs in our little apartment seem daunting - but we can do it!  We love seeing the Lord's hand in our days, how He often has a different plan than we do, but His is always better!  We try to listen...

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