Tuesday, July 29, 2014

For Elder Bronson's Family

I noticed that you are following the blog,  glad you enjoy it.  Elder Bronson is awesome.  So cute and polite, and always willing to help.  When asked to do something, he just jumps up and does it.  He is a good and well prepared teacher too, we enjoy it when he teaches the Gospel Principles class.   We are glad he is staying through another transfer.  Thought you might enjoy these pictures:

July 26, 2014 - Petersburg, West Virginia

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  1. Well Brother and Sister Orton, that was a nice thing to do and such nice things to say. I do know that my son is a little shy and I hope that he is getting over some of that. He will be amazed to have a whole blog post dedicated to him!! I told Elder Hall's mother about your blog and have had other requests for the address. Are you ok with me sharing it with other missionary mothers? One of them is Elder Myers' mother. I think he will be serving in the area now. Another on is Elder Reber's mother, he is heading home tomorrow. Also, another question. We have lived across the street from some Ortons for all of Elder Bronson's life. I suppose there may be a distant relation. It is Owen Orton. Thank you again!