Sunday, July 6, 2014

Picnics, Harpers Ferry, 4th of July

Before I start our blog/journal for the week, I am posting a few pictures of our Petersburg missionaries - for their Moms who follow our blog and need to see their happy faces....
4th of July picnic at Bishop Kimble's
Elders Farr, Hall, Rodrigues, Bronson plus friend Oscar

Elder Farr
Elder Hall
Elder Rodrigues
Elder Bronson
These awesome missionaries are working hard, but they did get to play a little this past week too.
The families of these young men should be very proud of them,  we love them.

So our week was a little different than usual, we still had studies, did paperwork, made visits and taught lessons, but we also went to a couple of picnics: several  families in the ward adopted us and invited us to their family reunion picnic, then we had a very successful ward picnic on June 28th.  I took a lot of pictures of ward members for our friend Jane who can't come out in public because of immune system problems, I'll include a few for you, so you can get to know our good friends.  We had a fun trip to Harpers Ferry for Sonja's Naturalization Ceremony, had interviews with our Mission President followed by a District Meeting in Woodstock on Tuesday,  and on Friday we went to a 4th of July parade (consisting of trucks, cars, tractors, emergency vehicles, royalty of all ages, and at the end one marching band followed by six horses!), car show, concert, barbecue, Wayne sang a patriotic program at the nursing home, and we watched the local fireworks - which were great. During the week we also got groceries for a family in need, picked beans, onions, squash, and a tomato with Wayne's good friend Dave who insists we share his garden (he says it grows better because Elder Orton helps with it!).  Today we took a couple kids to church with us - Samantha, age 12, and Jacob, age 8.  Really nice kids who live with their grandmother. She joined the church 20 years ago, then quit coming. We recognized her name from the ward directory when she came in to the Food Pantry on a day that we were working there and we got acquainted.  She expressed a desire to come back to church and really wants her grandchildren to be taught.  They have had no experience with any church at all in their lives. The missionaries have taught them a couple lessons so far, they have begun to say their prayers, and today they went to church for the first time (their grandmother had to work).  They seemed to enjoy it and knew a few people there,  they want to go back next week! Some other people said they were coming today but didn't show up -  so we had our ups and downs.

The weather was very hot and humid for several days, but yesterday and today have been quite pleasant.  I think the temperature is going back up again though.  We miss La Grande where the nights were usually so cool.  We continue to do battle with the bugs.  Wayne had had some nasty bites, and for a while the small black beetles were winning, but we found a problem area and I think we have gained the upper hand.  Ugh! But we do love seeing the lightning bugs outside in the evening - that's a treat.

That's our week, let's hear about yours....    I will end this blog with dozens of pictures which you may or may not want to see.  They are special to us.  First a local family reunion picnic and our ward picnic.
Theresa and Roscoe with Roscoe's aunt Doris
Linda and Richard (Bill)

Elders playing Corn Hole
Sherrie and Calli
Good friend and neighbor, Becky

Leslie holding Ariann's baby Carter

Traci (newly activated) with
neighbor Eston (taking the lessons)
Lucy and Melanie
Bonita and her mother Darlene

Jeanie with granddaughter Kylie & friend Aria
Bishop Kimble with his uncle Richard

Where Wayne spent a lot of his
afternoon "fellowshipping"
Johnny & Elder Farr
What's a picnic with a bluegrass jam session?

Next our trip to Harpers Ferry, about two hours from Petersburg.  It's a cute little historic village.  Restored buildings and museums, colonial and Civil War history (site of John Brown's battle),  the Appalachian Trail passes right through it, and the site of a Naturalization Ceremony we attended.
John Brown's Fort - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Shenandoah River
General Store
Colonial Hotel
Hand carved stone steps leading up to the church
St. Peter's Catholic  Church - built by Irish immigrants in the mid-1800's
Stone ruins of St. John's Episcopal Church, built in 1840's
Elder Orton taking a rest along the Appalachian Trail
Jefferson Rock
A 64-year-old man who was hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine.
He was going to take a rest day in Harpers Ferry (and a much needed shower).


Such a beautiful section of the Appalachian Trail.

Local Musuem

More of the Shenandoah River
On Monday afternoon, June 30, we were privileged to accompany our friend (and recent convert) Sonja and her son, daughter, and daughter's boyfriend to Sonja's Naturalization Ceremony.  Such a beautiful setting in a tent on the bank of the river.  The ceremony was for 28 applicants from 19 different countries to take the oath of allegiance and become naturalized US citizens.  The program began with a string quartet, and included the national anthem, the oath, congratulations video from President Obama, an actor portraying Abraham Lincoln giving a little talk and reciting the Gettysburg Address, all of us reciting the Pledge of Allegiance,  presentation of certificates, and a little reception.  It was awesome, very patriotic.

4th of July Parade in Petersburg

Ward member Rodney with his Camaro

Jimmy & his Corvette

Oscar and his Toyota Supra

Johnny and his band, The Country Boys
Whew - You made it to the end.  Sorry about that, but we just love each picture and want to remember these experiences we are having.  We are working hard, just don't have pictures of the meetings, driving, visiting, helping, worrying, praying, studying, etc.  We try to be where the Lord needs us to be and we are being blessed continually.  Our love to you.    Happy 15th Birthday to Kristen next Sunday - we love you. Let us know what new and delicious gluten-free foods you are discovering, poor girl!

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  1. Great pictures! Wish we could spend the whole summer there. Jealous. Thanks for sharing.