Thursday, August 13, 2015

On the Way Home! (Final Post - Mission Accomplished)

Left Petersburg about 1 pm on Aug 2nd, beautiful West Virginia roads,
spent the first night in Corydon, Indiana, then on to my sister's home
near Fayetteville, Arkansas

We just relaxed for a whole day, sat on the porch watching the hummingbirds

One of Judy's dogs, Maggie, an old Golden Retriever

Janie and sister Judy

Wayne with friend Freddie

Different kind of countryside

Long day of driving on Wednesday, but even the clouds were interesting

The mountains of Colorado were beautiful

Gorgeous views, spent the night in Denver, Colorado

Daughter Karli with husband Pat, children Dallin, Dustin, Katelyn, and Kristen  in Lehi, Utah

Grandson Dallin telling us about his recently completed
mission in Mozambique, Africa

At a wedding reception for a niece Friday night, Wayne got to see
his sisters Rosala and Wanda, and brothers Marcel and Ferrin

On the road again, hot air balloons over Salt Lake City

Breakfast at IHOP in Logan, Utah with three of our children and their families,
here are Kadyn, Corinne, Kelsie, Laura, and Ellie

Dylan, Sara, Angie, Cassidy

Darin, Wayne, Taivan, Dakota, Cameron, Nathan

Janie with grandchildren Kelsie, Corinne, Molly, and Jack
We loved our mission, but it's sure nice to hug grandkids, after two years away

Our son Dylan and family (vacationing from Boise)
Dylan, Sara, Taivan, Noah, Jack

Corinne, with attitude

Daughter Angie and family, vacationing from Havre, Montana
Kadyn, Kelsie, Corinne, Cassidy, Cameron, Angie, Dakota

Son Darin and family, just moved to Logan
Molly, Laura, Darin, Ellie, Nathan

Newly released, Janie and Wayne

Youngest Granddaughter Klarisse

Sunday dinner in Meridian, with 3 children, their spouses, and 12 grandchildren
(and corn-on-the-cob)
Naomi and Krista

Gage and Kalob

The End.....   or the beginning of our Idaho adventure!

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