Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dear Faces, Fun Party

Elder Orton and good friend Johnny Keplinger

Beautiful view off the Hinkles deck

Annie Hinkle with son Ricky & Ricky's wife, Becky

Dave and Elaine Vanmeter, with granddaughter Katie

Bonnie & Jimmy Hedrick

Jack & Deb Kimble, with grandson Hunter

Ward Party, Jul 31 - pinata of Orton's van (thanks to Katja Barr)

Amazing party decorations (thanks Karnsy, Katja, Janet & families)

Smashing the Orton's van

Sonja's daughter Kristy with boyfriend & new baby Zoey



Joann Morgan, Traci Johnson, Robin Martin, KK & Chloe

Johnny & Janet Keplinger with Sandra Bradley

Gretchen, Thomas, Katie Ours and friend

Doris and Walter Whetzel, Ron Holmes, Linda and Richard (Bill) Whetzel

Oscar with Holloway and Sites girls

Autographed Quilt

Ariann and Carter (List) with Carter's dad, Chris

Jimi & Karnsy Kimble

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