Sunday, July 19, 2015

Only two weeks to go! How can that be?

Irene K - almost blind, but keeps her house & yard neat and tidy
How can we only have two weeks left in this wonderful place?  So sad to visit some of our regulars and know that we probably won't ever see them again... We made quite a few visits last week and took a few pictures of shy folks that we haven't been able to capture in a photo before.  We did service at the nursing home and Wayne sang Friday evening for his final performance there, they will sure miss him.  Sonja and I taught a couple more lessons to our 12-year-old investigator, Lisa B.  She had her interview with our District Leader and he felt that she needed another week of preparation, so her baptism is scheduled for July 25th.  Wayne went to a wood-cutting service project Saturday morning,too.  It was a busy week.  Rain showers, heat, and humidity continue.  
Harold - we are the only contact he has
had with the church in years...
Kathy - close to coming back to church

Thoughtful ward members are inviting us to dinner more frequently as our time here grows shorter.  Steve and Linda K. had us over for a "home-grown" dinner.  They have quite a garden and orchard, we enjoyed beets, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage, plus a delicious cherry pie.  

Friday we had a meeting in the morning with our ward mission leader Oscar who is from Puerto Rico.  After the meeting he invited us and the two Elders over to his apartment for lunch that his father had prepared for us.  Puerto Rican rice and pork that was so good, a good cucumber and onion salad, and for dessert he had made a cherry cheesecake!  Good to visit with Oscar's parents, they are not members but very supportive of his choices.

Saturday after the service project we took the Elders out to Jack and Deb's country home for a barbecue with some of their family. Deb had made our favorite pineapple-upside-down cake, too. Such good people, wish we could get them to church. Tonight another dinner invitation, the Elders are grateful we are going and driving them, it's about 15 miles from Petersburg. So fun to be in member's homes, we feel loved and appreciated, we will miss our good West Virginian friends.
Ward wood-cutting project, July 18, 2015

Just tryin' to keep cool

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