Sunday, November 2, 2014

End of October, Halloween, New windshield, ...

Petersburg, West Virginia, Ward Meetinghouse

Gazebo at Brighton Park
Monday afternoon we drove to Moorefield to do some errands and shop a little at Wal-Mart. On the way home we stopped at Brighton Park for a lovely walk.

Nice walking path along the river

Rockcliff Lake in the rain

Large golden trout swimming by the fishermen, not biting
 Tuesday was District Meeting in Romney, followed by some visits, service at the nursing
Rockcliff Lake in the rain
home, and home teaching for Wayne.

Wednesday Wayne's friend Johnny invited him to go fishing with him.  It was a chilly and rainy day, but they went up to Rockcliff Lake.  Johnny caught three nice trout, Wayne took some nice pictures...  Johnny gave us his trout, we cooked them for dinner and they were delicious.  While they were gone I had some nice quiet time to work on Robin's genealogy.  We have submitted a lot of her names to the temple and now I needed to organize pedigree charts, family group records, census copies, and other documents that we have found so she could share them with her mother, who is not a member of our church.  They were pretty excited about the research we have been doing.  Fun project.

Wednesday evening was our ward Trunk or Treat activity.  Fortunately it had quit raining and we had a great evening.  It was very well attended, there were cute games and awesome decorated vehicles with members handing out candy.  Several less active members and quite a few nonmembers came and enjoyed themselves.  The children all had a blast.  The younger missionaries were quite dashing in their moustaches and they had a doughnut eating activity that was so fun for the kids.

Me and my friend who helped me hand out candy

Kim and Jacob - my favorite costumes

Pretty scary Oscar

Very serious Elders

So the rest of the week was lots of visits, a wedding shower, replacing the van's cracked windshield, and, of course, meetings...  Saturday we decided to go to Winchester to an evening fireside, "Why I Believe", by a couple of recent converts who were ordained ministers in another faith before they became interested in the LDS church.  They were excellent speakers, very dynamic and spiritual.  Wonderful fireside.  Anyway, it was about 70 miles to the church where it was held, but 45 miles were still in our ward, so we made a plan to make ward visits along our way there.  Margarite wasn't home, but we did have good visits with John & Audrey, Jane, Woneda, and Deb & Larry.  Then we had a nice dinner at a Cracker Barrel restaurant and filled our van with gas at a Costco where Virginia gas was only $2.62/gallon.  It is still $3.19 in Petersburg but even that is much better than it was, close to $4/gallon!

Tomorrow we will be getting up really early and driving to Frederick, Maryland, for a mission conference with Elder Anthony D. Perkins of the Seventy.  The conference includes breakfast, training from 9am to 4pm, then a dinner and fireside for the senior couples.  Long day, but should be wonderful.

Happy November!  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE!

Local yard
(This is Wayne's contribution!)

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