Sunday, November 30, 2014

Done with November...

Between the holiday and the snow storm, it's been a pretty quiet week for us.  We did work at the local food pantry a couple of times and at the nursing home Tuesday evening.  We had District Meeting in Romney Tuesday morning and did apartment and car inspections for the Elders.  After temperatures in the 60's on Monday we did get hit by the big storm on Wednesday, it snowed most of the day.  I think we had about 8 inches.  Thursday evening (Thanksgiving) we made our way out in the country past Maysville to the lovely home of some people that we don't know, but have a large gathering of friends and relatives each year. Some members of our ward are extended family of this nice couple and invited us to be "honorary family" for the evening. We had a great meal and met lots of very nice people.  After the meal we walked around the local park that has an amazing Christmas light display.  Then we came home and were delighted that a couple of our children and their families Skyped us.  A little shopping yesterday and drove the van through the car wash - we had been trying to find new addresses and the unpaved roads are very slushy and muddy! Not a very good attendance at church today, end of the holiday vacation, I guess.  Came home to our apartment to crock-pot pot roast that smelled delicious and tasted delicious too.

Getting ready for a very busy December.  Want to make lots of visits with a Christmas gift and message. But we have numerous big commitments as well.  We are waiting to hear which, if any, of our Elders are being transferred, if any are then we will be taking them to Columbia (3 hours away) for Transfer Day on Wednesday.  On Thursday we go back, to Ellicott City to the mission home for the Senior Couples Christmas Dinner and Party.  We hope to go to the Temple on the 10th.  And back to Columbia on the 23rd for the Mission Christmas Party.  And District or Zone Meetings every Tuesday,  etc.  Should be a busy month, but that's great, it helps the time go faster as we spend our second Christmas away from our family.

We have so much to be thankful for, what a great time of year to remind us of that.  Wayne and I are blessed with great health, and the resources and family support that enable us to be here having this awesome experience.  We get to strengthen our testimonies and bear them often.  We see miracles and tender mercies daily.  We get to associate with and learn from bright, dedicated young men who are focused on nothing more than serving the Lord and their brothers and sisters.  We are meeting so many people, making so many good friends, and seeing such a lovely corner of the country.  We are so BLESSED.

Hope your Thanksgiving was filled with thanks giving.  For a great way to begin the Christmas season go to and watch their beautiful video.  Also be sure to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional next Sunday evening.  Remember:  Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Happy, Happy Birthday to Devin and Dustin tomorrow.  We love you.

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