Sunday, January 12, 2014

It's Been a Good Week

Nothing really exciting or different to report.  We have mostly escaped the "Polar Vortex" here in our little corner of West Virginia.  We've had a few cold days and one morning we started out on our walk, found our sidewalk and parking lot covered in ice from freezing rain, so we turned right around and went back in our apartment!  We are too old to try walking on ice...  One morning we headed out walking in a light mist, but before we finished our favorite walking route it was pouring and we were soaked.  But we keep going.
One exciting thing, I guess, is that we went to our friends, the Keplingers, Monday night with two of our missionaries for dinner and they fixed us biscuits with squirrel gravy.  Yep,  we ate our first squirrel.  Pretty good, too.  Then Wayne and Johnny K.  sang and played guitar for a while.  Wayne is putting together some music for a High Priest's social in February and is having fun planning and practicing (and fellowshipping).  Also practiced Wednesday and Friday nights.  And had a fellow picking on a banjo Friday afternoon.  We made some fun visits last week and had some long days, travelling to Romney for interviews and meetings, and to Wardensville and surrounding countryside for visits.  We had an interview with our Mission President on Thursday, he was very appreciative of our efforts and encouraging.  We needed that, sometimes we don't feel like we are doing enough or the right things.  Also got set apart by our Bishop this morning for my Relief Society teaching calling and in his blessing he said that I am influencing people in ways that I don't even realize and that I am an example and strength to the women in this ward.  I needed to hear that, too.

Church this morning was awesome again. Three non-members, two of whom are taking the discussions.  Wayne and I got to sit in and even participate with the Elders as they taught the first discussion to Sonya (who we took to the DC Temple to see the Christmas lights and tour the visitor's center).  Also Audrey has had a couple of discussions this past week,  her husband was less-active.  He is playing music with Wayne and we have been to their house a couple times during the week, once for dinner, once just to visit and play music.  Also had seven less-active members at church today - so excited to have Margarite Kindrick, a widow we have been visiting often, come for the first time in years.  And a teenager whose family we visit often, such a fun young man. Anyway,  nice to see so many beginning to come back and our numbers at sacrament meeting increasing.  Wayne played the organ in sacrament meeting again today and I taught Relief Society.  (I guess Wayne taught High Priests too, since the teacher didn't show up). We visited a few homes this afternoon.

We must get our van washed tomorrow, it is pretty muddy from traveling on back roads after the rain.  Also need to prepare a Home Evening lesson to give with an inactive family tomorrow night. We are keeping busy and enjoying this missionary life.  Our love to all our family and friends, thank you for your support and prayers. Thanks, Karli and Pat for the wonderful Orton Family Newsletter you put together last week and for so many of our family and extended family that wrote to it.  Thanks, Pat, for the technical assistance with the blog.  We sure appreciate you and wish you luck with the job search.    

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