Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year - 2014!

What a great day to be a missionary in Petersburg, West Virginia!  We had 7 less active members and 3 non-member/investigators at church today!  Yeah!  And there were 3 other less actives that we had expected to be there as well,  one I know was sick. One lady even asked me for a ride yesterday and she stayed for the whole block.  The people that we took to the temple last week came today, and the couple that Wayne played music with last week (husband less active,  wife not a member) were there.  Good day.  Wayne taught Priesthood, and played the organ for sacrament meeting!  Well, he learned how to push the buttons and it did all the work, but it was pretty impressive and one more skill. 

It was a pretty quiet week.  The Elders and their mission cars were grounded some of the time because of snow and ice, but really we have been pretty lucky and have been just on the outskirts of the big storms.  Some roads and driveways are still pretty icy and slick though, and I am very wary.  Wayne, not so much.
We did have some good visits this week, did some service at the nursing home and Wayne sang there Friday evening, we had a District Meeting and apartment and car inspections with our Elders, after the meeting we had the six Elders to our apartment for lunch. Our big day was Wednesday - Transfer Day.
Lunch for the Elders after District Meeting on Tuesday
We found out Sunday that Elder Salazar and Elder Ashby were being transferred.  I had intended to go with Wayne, taking the two elders, their possessions and bikes, on the three hour drive to Ellicott City where they hold the transfer meeting.  At the last minute (6:30 am Wednesday morning) the other two Elders decided that they wanted to go too, so I stayed home to give them enough room.  (I love my husband, but sometimes a few hours alone is okay, too)  I worked on genealogy and indexing,  typed my journal pages, did some household chores, and cross-stitching.  It was very cold in the morning but by mid-afternoon it was quite pleasant so I was able to go for a long walk, and stopped in to visit a member on the way.  Wayne got home about 4 pm, with our new Elders:  Elder Mordecai from Sacramento and Elder Plumb from Arizona.  They seem nice, but we miss the ones who left, they had helped us out a lot with our adjustments here, and we spent a lot of time with them.  Guess that's just how it goes... 

Elder Asbhy, on to new adventures.

As we reflected and reminisced on our Anniversary and on New Year's Eve,  we realize it's been a very eventful year for us and it has gone by so fast.  Can't wait to see what the new year brings.  We wish good health and happiness for each of our family and friends.

PS.  I just had to peel off my little adhesive calendar for 2013 in my van that I used so much.  If anyone comes across a business giving away little stick-on calendars, grab me one, please. 

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