Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ups and Downs

We have had our ups and downs this week.  Sure nice to end the week on an up with General Conference.  There sure were a lot of talks about missionary work, weren't there?  Or did I just hear it that way because that's where our focus is right now??   Anyway,  the week in review:
Thanks to our family for all the email updates last week,  it means so much to us to be connected to you.  Thanks for taking the time to write and fill us in on your lives.  Thanks to Kyle and Kendra for the notes.  And thanks, Amie, for sending on our mail.  It should taper off now, I hope.  Good luck, Angie, with the knee surgery, wish I could be there to help out. 
We are enjoying the apple butter that we watched being made last weekend.  It is so good,  way more cinnamony than we are used to but we like it.  The jar is going fast.  Last Sunday after church we went to dinner at the Shreve's.  We took Elders Ashby and Williamson.  It's a long way out in the country.  Had a nice dinner of Hawaiian Haystacks and Applesauce Cake.  And a nice visit.  Relaxed on Monday. 
The rest of the week was spent in meetings, searching for people,  service projects of cutting and stacking wood (Wayne and the elders), and apartment inspections (two here in Petersburg,  one in Romney, about 40 miles away).  Then we went to Walmart and picked up things the apartments were lacking,  like replacing a broken mop, fixing a toilet seat, replacing light bulbs,  getting cutting boards, drinking glasses, mixing bowls, etc.  The elders are so adaptable, they do without rather than complain, so it was nice to question them and get a few things that they needed.  Note to Elder Ashby's parents, if you are reading this:  Your son and his companion have a very neat and tidy apartment,  so clean and well-organized.  You trained him well.  And the other elders tease him about how well he manages his money.  He is awesome.

As we searched for people we had trouble finding addresses at times and spent a lot of time wandering around.  Had one guy sneak off his porch and go in to his house and lock the door as we approached.  Found the right houses several times, but no one home.  Frustrating.  But did have several good visits with lonely people who want us to come back and visit, so we will, gladly.  We also try to find and visit the active members to get to know them and encourage them. I enjoyed a quote by President Monson in this month's First Presidency Message:  "May we reach out to rescue the lost who surround us, the aged, the widowed, the sick, those with disabilities, the less active, and those who are not keeping the commandments.  May we extend to them the hand that helps and the heart that knows compassion.  By doing so, we will bring joy into their hearts, and we will experience the rich satisfaction that comes to us when we help another along the pathway to eternal life."  I need to work on not being discouraged and just focus on reaching out in love. 
When we drove to Romney to inspect the Elders' home there we made a couple side trips.  One to a
cemetery, made around an Indian mound.  Wayne is interested in Indian mounds so that was pretty cool.  This also honored Confederate soldiers, something else we find interesting.  It is just pretty driving around too, the weather is lovely and the trees beautiful.

One the way home we also went to an apple orchard.  I had seen their ad in the newspaper and also signs along the road.  I didn't realize it was miles up a little road to the top of a mountain.  But the view was worth it and the apples were good.  Shared some with our Elders.

Kind of strange to have General Conference at noon and 4 pm here.  But it was so so good.  After the afternoon session the missionaries came here for dinner.  I guess Wayne and I had gotten used to how small our apartment is,  but having five 20-year-olds here reminded us.  But it was fun.  Interesting to prepare a large meal with limited bowls and utensils,  but it worked.  We had taco soup, chips and salsa, jello, carrots and apples, garlic bread,  and chocolate sundaes and chocolate chip cookies.  Forget about leftovers - they can put it away!  Afterward they had a blast playing our Harley-Davidson Monopoly game until time to walk over to the church for Priesthood Meeting.  They are such nice young men,  we have sure come to love and appreciate each one of them.  We are hoping none of them get transferred next week on transfer day. 


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