Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall is Here

The leaves are turning in this beautiful corner of West Virginia.  We hope to take a long drive on our P-Day
tomorrow.  I have a few pictures to add today, but they don't do justice to the lovely hillsides around here. 

Fun story today.  Last Sunday afternoon when we visited a lady quite a ways out,  she told us the story of her conversion.  A senior couple that was out trying to find a lost member knocked on her door by mistake, but took the opportunity to tell her a little about the church and invited her to learn more.  She took the missionary discussions and was baptized.  We recognized the name of the senior couple because we have been benefitting from directions to ward member homes that they had left in a nice binder.  Well, we remembered a couple by the same name that lived in our previous ward,  La Grande 3rd Ward, for a couple years.  Nice couple,  he taught band at the high school, I think.  They lived across the street from Wayne's cousin, Stan Wilde.  I emailed my good friend Linda Wilde to see if she had their email address.  She gave it to me and said she thought they had served a mission but didn't know where.  I emailed Gaylord Durland and he responded quickly, saying that yes, it was a small world,  they were that couple, and he shared a few of their experiences and thoughts.  Nice to reconnect with them,  we appreciate their efforts in making the way a bit easier for us, and will give their regards to several ward members who remember them.
Kind of a quiet week.  The four Elders here came to our apartment and played Monopoly all afternoon Monday,  then two of them stayed to eat dinner - crock pot venison stew and biscuits.  Tuesday we drove our Elders to Woodstock for Zone Meeting.  Very good meeting, how knowledgeable, dedicated, and well-prepared our zone leaders are.  Wayne and I did some of the training.  It was good to visit with another senior couple, the Kunz' from Front Royal.  All 20 of us went to Wendy's for lunch afterward and it was about 4 pm when we finally got home.  That night we volunteered at the nearby nursing home,  helping with their Bingo night.  We will be helping there most Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on.  Wednesday I made cookies in the morning,  took a plate of them to our morning District coordination meeting.  Made a few visits, then helped Bonita at the church set up for a scout dinner and Court of Honor.  The Scoutmaster and a few parents are trying real hard to get the Scout program up and running here.  They had 8 young men in uniform and receiving advancements that night and were quite proud.  Got rid of another plate of cookies very easily.  Thursday visited, finally found a missing family that we had been searching for and got a tour of the old house they are trying to make livable.  Made arrangements to take the Elders over Saturday for a service project.  That evening Wayne went to the nursing home and helped a blind gentleman play Bingo!  I went to Relief Society. Nice meeting with myself and 7 other sisters.  Good feeling as I visited with them to realize that I knew their each of their names, how they were related to one another, had been to each of their homes, and had special feelings of love and friendship for each one.  Those feelings come so quickly now,  a gift of missionary service for me.
Friday was a great day,  spent mostly in the car.  Forty miles to Wardensville.  One family wasn't home, but

had a great visit with the other family.  The dad is a great big black man,  recently played football for the Baltimore Ravens.  His mom, Sheila, lives with Will and his wife Jennifer, and helps with the kids Roman and Clarissa.  Sheila joined the church about 20 years ago,  Will and Jennifer just recently.  We had fun playing with the kids and had to take a couple pictures of them, they are so cute. Roman was fascinated with Wayne's missionary badge, so I came home and ordered a child's "Future Missionary" badge for him.  Had hoped they would come to church today,  Grandma Sheila came, but not the rest.  The kids are so smart, I know they would love Primary.  After that visit we drove back about 10 miles then off towards the town of Baker.  Turned off and went to Lost City.  We had seen the signs for Lost City State Park and wanted to drive around there,  it was nice.  Went up a road a ways to take pictures,  then back through Mathias,  almost to the Virginia border, where our High Priest Group Leader lives.  Beautiful little valley (hollow).  They don't get many visitors and were quite pleased that we had come to see them.  When we made the appointment they invited us to dinner, too,  very nice.  Had a good evening eating and getting to know them.  Nice drive home with a huge full moon. 

 On our morning walk Saturday we saw people setting up a large BBQ, had to go back and get delicious grilled chicken for lunch.  Then went to our service project with the Elders.  In the evening we had dinner at an historic old restaurant "The Hermitage" built in the early 1840s. Good food and interesting place.  (Note to my sister Judy:  The Hermitage is across the street from the Bed and Breakfast "Judy's Place",  perfect place for you to stay when you come visit us!).
This afternoon I have been working on a template for a ward bulletin. 

They haven't had one here in the Petersburg Ward, and I think they need one.  Lots of announcements for the next few months, too, that I can help clarify by having them printed in the bulletin.  We'll see how this goes over.  This next week we are going to begin teaching new member lessons to a man who was baptized last summer, and temple prep lessons to a couple preparing to go to the temple for the first time.  Tomorrow after our fall leave drive we will end up in Seneca Rocks to visit a family there and have supper with them.  We are keeping busy and getting to know and love the people here.  Our love to family and friends,  thanks for your prayers and support.         

Service project with the Elders

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