Friday, September 6, 2013

Well,  here we are - beginning our mission blog, probably with more detail than anyone wants or needs.  But for us it's our journal too, so bear with us.  We were set apart as missionaries by our La Grande Stake President,  George Chadwick, on Wednesday, August 28th, when we went to La Grande to sign the final papers on our house sale there.  The following day we signed the final papers on our home purchase in Meridian, Idaho.  Fortunately the former owners of the Meridian house had permitted us to move in a few days before the closing,  our furniture and stuff in part of the garage, the shop, and a spare bedroom.   Devin & Amie moving into the main part of the house.  We stayed very comfortably in the guest bedroom,  attended Kyle Thueson's baptism on Saturday,  August 31st, then drove to Lehi, Utah, to stay with our oldest daughter Karli's family for a week.  Monday morning bright and early we reported to the Provo Missionary Training Center (MTC) for our week of training.  It was great and we really enjoyed it and benefited from it.  It was also fun to see all the young men and young ladies there preparing for their service around the world.  Such energy and enthusiasm. 
There were 127 people in our senior MTC group for training, one of their largest  groups ever.  Here is our assigned District of six couples that we spent most of our time with.  Had our classes together and did role playing and other activities with them.  The couple on the end next to us are Wayne and Terrie Harrison,  friends from Yucaipa, California, that we knew 25 years ago.  What a surprise to reconnect with them here, we had such fun with them.  Next in our group were the Allens, from Colorado Springs,  going on an office mission in Tacoma.  Then the Schmidts from Yuma, Arizona,  going to Jacksonville, Florida.  Then the Austins from Utah going to England,  the Adams from Layton, Utah, going to Ottawa, Canada,  and our cute little teacher,  Sister Tholl.  We got to know each other pretty well -  good people.   We also met two other couples going to the Maryland Baltimore Mission,  the Lewis' and the Van Horns.  We had lunch with them a couple times and look forward to seeing a few familiar faces when we get to Maryland....

Thanks to Ferrin we were able to get together with Orton family Thursday night.  We met at a nice restaurant in Springville with Ferrin & Peggy,  Mark & Annette,  Joel & Carmen, Wanda, and Marcel & Susan.  Had a great meal and sat around visiting for several hours.  Fortunately they didn't kick us out, it was so nice. 

 Made a frozen yogurt run with the Poyfairs one night to Maui Chill.  Sure enjoyed their family and spending time together before we leave for two long years. 

Tomorrow (Saturday) we leave to drive across the country in our heavily loaded van.  Looking forward to a little sight-seeing,  visiting a temple or two along the way,  and finding our way to our new home.  We begin this new adventure with excitement and trepidation,  a desire to be of service in any way we can,  but a little sadness to be leaving behind our wonderful family and friends.  Wish us luck....

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  1. I remember the Harrisons, Shelley and Stacey were their girls!