Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is Wayne

While we were in the MTC, with about 127 old people like us, a couple came up to us and said, "You sure look familiar, where are you from?"  I didn't recognize him and he didn't recognize where we were from but he didn't drop it.  He continued, "Where have you been in the last 5 or 10 years?"  My answers didn't ring any bells so I asked him where he'd been.  When he said Hawaii things started to click.  They served a mission the same time as Verlin and Barbara.  Why he thought I looked like Verlin I will never know.  He went on to tell us that he really appreciated Verlin.  This man worked in systems or something and needed some help.  He said that Verlin was told that he shouldn't help him but he did anyway after his other stuff was done or after hours.  These were the Powells.  Verlin and Barbara, do you remember them?  Small world.
I was excited when we found out we were assigned to Petersburg, West Virginia.  This is a most beautiful area of the country.  When I was on my mission, 50 years ago I served in Elkins.  Petersburg was part of my area.  I loved this area then and now even more.  We only got over to Petersburg a couple of times so I don't remember anyone here.  A lady here in the ward (Teresa Hinkle) is from Elkins and after I told her that I had served in Elkins she called her mom to check on me.  Her mom said that she did remember an Elder Orton.  We are going to go to Elkins one of these weeks (it is in another mission) and look her up.  Also our friends that we knew 27 years ago in Yucaipa who came out with us and are serving in Elkins.  Elder Bednar says that there are no coincidences, just divine rendezvous.

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