Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Week in Pictures

24 June 2015 - Final Transfer Day with President & Sister Richards
A trip to the Temple with Pres & Sis Richards plus the missionaries returning home this transfer.
Group picture of the current missionaries in the Maryland Baltimore Mission
Two of our former Petersburg Elders, heading home after an honorable mission,
Elder Aubrey and Elder Bronson

Elder Moore, also heading home

Senior couples and good friends, the Bringhursts and the Marlows

Senior couple, the Cranes

Beautiful plants at the temple
Old Car in the Woods - Art?

Priesthood in Action - trimming Sonja's bushes

Two of our favorite people - sisters Annie & Doris
They invited us to a family picnic at the park on Saturday
Good food & great contact with several less-active ward members...

Elder Saunders with worn-out new missionary, Elder Nicholes

Elder Orton having a party with Sarah

Erik wants to be just like Elder Saunders,
I gave him a future missionary badge today, he was so excited.
He is Katja's son, has only been coming to church a few months
We did make quite a few visits last week.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the lady peeking out the screen door when we drove up and quickly slamming the regular door.  Surprise - there was no answer when we knocked!  I'm glad I didn't get a picture one of the ladies I was helping with Bingo at the nursing home Thursday night. I summoned the activity director over twice because I was worried about the blood running down her chin that she kept wiping off with her tee-shirt.  It took me a while to understand the staff member as she explained that it was just Skoal (?).  Guess I'm not used to seeing a sweet little old lady with tobacco juice oozing out of her mouth.  Finally they brought a cup over for her to spit into.  Gross.

Our good friend Sonja who was baptized a year ago was recently called as a ward missionary.  Today after church she and I taught the first discussion to 12-year-old Lisa, daughter of a recent convert mom and recently re-activated dad.  Fun.  Sonja was a great companion, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic.  Lisa is eager to learn and be baptized.  We will teach the second lesson on Thursday.  

I made a Kool-Aid pie for dinner today.  So easy with a pre-made graham cracker crust.  Just Cool Whip and sweetened condensed milk stirred up, then add one package of Kool-aid.  We tried Black Cherry flavor a couple weeks ago, today was orange.  Both very good.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister last Wednesday, so good to talk to her.  And I think the whole country is getting ready to set off fireworks to celebrate our granddaughter Kendra's twelfth birthday this Saturday.  We love to get Kendra's sweet letters of  news and encouragement, she is very thoughtful.

We had a good discussion about family values in Relief Society today. I love Sister Oscarson's talk "Defenders of the Family Proclamation".
 "We need to boldly defend the Lord’s revealed doctrines describing marriage, families, the divine roles of men and women, and the importance of homes as sacred places—even when the world is shouting in our ears that these principles are outdated, limiting, or no longer relevant."
Have a great week.

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