Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day,  what a blessing to have had wonderful mother, Marge, and an amazing mother-in-law, Clora.  Our daughters - Karli, Julie, Angie, and daughters-in-law - Laura, Sara, and Amie, are also wonderful and amazing. And patient, kind, talented, spiritual, smart, fun, and loving.  Our precious grand-children are in good hands.  We see too many sad examples around here of dysfunctional families, how fortunate we are...

Our week has been fun, and productive, I think. My crazy friend Traci, who calls me Mom, had a  little birthday party for me last Sunday. Mostly it was for herself, since her birthday was the day before mine. She loves parties and attention, me - not so much.  But I participated, even wore a party hat!  The best part of the day, however, was skyping with some of my kids and grandkids and enjoying their cards, drawings, phone messages, and all.  Wayne fixed me a nice Sunday dinner, then I got to choose the activity for Monday.

Monday, we began the day with breakfast at a local diner, then about a 60-mile drive to Front Royal,

Virginia, to the Shenandoah National Park's Skyline Drive begins.  This 105-mile section of road goes along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with many scenic overlooks on both sides of the road.  The views were spectacular and while the road was very curvy, it wasn't too scary.  There was even a tunnel to go through.  We saw numerous hikers, as the Appalachian Trail goes through the Park.  It really was a beautiful and interesting drive, I'm glad we managed to find a time to travel it.  A few more of our pictures will be found at the end of this blog, but they really don't do it justice.  It's one of those places that "you just have to be there...".

We made it back to Moorefield in time for one more birthday celebration.  Wanda, the lady that I help weekly with genealogy, and her sister, Sandy, wanted to take Wayne and I out to dinner.  It was very nice, except for the part where the waiters came and sang "Happy Birthday" to me!  

The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Quite a few visits.  We found three people who were just unknown names on our ward directory that we have been trying to locate for a while.  One of them didn't want any more contact with people from our church and wants her name removed.  One of them has been inactive for many years after she was offended at her daughter's baptism, there was a colored flower on the baptism dress, so it wasn't acceptable because it was supposed to be all white.  She has let that offense prevent her,
her children, grandchildren, and generations on become separated from LDS Church.  And she is still hanging on to that offense.  Sad.  The third woman was happy to see us and wants to come back, we will help her do just that if we can.  One afternoon we visited the country home of Darlene and sat in wooden rocking chairs in her peaceful back yard, admiring the lovely view, with redbuds visible on a far hillside.  We tried to get a picture of the bluebird that came and went, but it was too fast.  One evening we had dinner with our friends, Sandy and Baxter. As usual, Sandy fixed us a delicious meal, including home canned pickled beets and apple butter, corn and beans.  She let Wayne cut me a large bouquet of lilacs to bring home too. We went to meetings, worked at the nursing home, worked on genealogy and arbitration, etc.  We enjoy our morning walks, even though the pollen in the air just now is making my eyes itch and water.  

Church was awesome this morning.  I picked up my little friend JoAnn who is valiantly returning to activity. Our good friend Dave, who we visit nearly every week and is having such health problems,  managed to come to sacrament meeting this morning with his wife, son, and granddaughter.  This is a first for him and his son since we have been here.  He kept telling us we would see him in church before the end of our mission! We were thrilled.  Our friend Katja and her family were at church again,  she is close to setting a baptism date I think, maybe her daughter Lisa, too.  Her husband, Dwayne, who has been inactive for many years, received the Aaronic Priesthood this morning and was very excited about that, he unexpectedly asked Wayne to do the ordination.  What a good day.  Next week we are taking a full van of ward members to the temple, working at the food pantry, Wayne is singing at the nursing home a couple times, and so on.  Time sure flies when you keep busy (and are having fun).   Have I mentioned that I have the absolute best companion? He made me great taco salad and strawberry shortcake for dinner today!  

"Be true and faithful. Live your religion. Stand straight and be firm---and if there's a little wind blowing, just put your face into the wind and go forward. And when you can't go forward, just stand. Just plant your feet and stand immovable for a while if that's all you can do. Be faithful and be true and love the Lord, because He loves you."   - Jeffrey R. Holland

One of the largest chicken processing plants in the country, 13 miles from Petersburg

A common sight on the road, chickens on their way from the farm to the plant
A large reminder that chicken is king around here

More pictures from the Skyline Drive

A pair of blue jays frolicking by our front door

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