Sunday, March 15, 2015

Where did the week go??

What a perfectly awesome week!  I can't believe it's Sunday again already.  Every day was busy and wonderful.  How can we be so fortunate?  The one thing I didn't like about the week was the time change!  I do like Daylight Savings Time, just don't adapt to change well.  So now when we leave the apartment for our morning walk it's still dark and the moon is still out.  We do get to enjoy some beautiful sunrises though and it's so nice to hear the birds again, and such a treat to catch sight of a bright red cardinal occasionally.
6:30 am, we begin our morning walks in the moonlight!

Eventually we are treated to a lovely sunrise!

More sunrise beauty!

A Cardinal watches us!

Monday we used half our Preparation Day for chores, then I met Wanda W. at the church and worked on genealogy for the afternoon.  Tuesday we drove to Woodstock for a District Meeting (and a quick trip to their nice Wal-Mart). On the way home we visited ward member Jane, then checked on our friend Dave in the hospital.  We did our volunteer work at the nursing home, then drove out to the home of recently returned missionary couple Steve and Linda for a nice get-acquainted visit.  Great people, will be good friends.   Wednesday was a good day to go to the Washington DC Temple.  We took two ladies with us, our Bishop took five others.  Wonderful session and fun meal together afterward.  Long day, though - left at 7 am, got home about 6 pm.

Thursday was a great day, too.  Our Mission President, Mark Richards, came to lunch at our humble little apartment, with our two Elders and our awesome investigator Roger.  It was fun.  After lunch we all gathered around the table for a lesson with Roger, then President Richards and Roger went upstairs to our study room for Roger's baptism interview.  He passed, and is scheduled for baptism next Saturday. Wayne is writing a recap of our experiences with Roger and we'll put it on our blog next Sunday with pictures of his baptism.  He is a pretty special young man (about our Darin's age) and it has been a neat experience to get to know him and see his progress in the Gospel.  We had dinner with Sandy and Baxter that evening, always a treat - and they gave us a big jar of apple butter, the very cinnamony kind that Baxter is famous for.
(Roger brought us cracklings and fresh pork sausage this week, Lyal gave us two packages of pork cutlets, Sandy gave us hamburger, Jack gave us a bag of frozen chicken - we are so spoiled.  And very appreciative!)

Meeting with our Ward Mission Leader Friday and lots of visits.  It was also a good day.  Saturday we took our Elders with us and helped at the big mobile food pantry here in Petersburg.  It was pretty well organized and efficient,  we put together and gave out 150 nice food boxes.  This coming week is our assigned week to work at our community food bank too, that only takes a couple hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our ward is assigned every six or seven weeks.  We enjoy both opportunities, wonderful community service and we have met quite a few volunteers from other churches and organizations.

I did more genealogy research Saturday afternoon while Wayne made hospital visits and cooked up some beans with pork cracklin's for us.  And we are surprised that it's Sunday again already.  Time really does fly when you are busy and anxiously engaged...  Thanks to the Thueson kids for the great letters we received last week, they were so fun - we LOVE mail!  Thanks to Trudy, Norma Jean, Connie, Judy Asper, and Mildred for recent letters too.  So nice to be remembered and get news from home.  We surely do appreciate it.   Have a great week!!
Temporarily turning the Fire Station into a giant Food Bank

Elder Aubrey moving food boxes down the line

Elder Sloan begins the process by placing a frozen ham or two in each box

Meat, vegetables, fruit, frozen pizza, etc, go into each box, then they are topped
with bread and pastries.  Individuals and families in need who have qualified for
a voucher then pick up the boxes or are helped to get it to their vehicle.   Fun event

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