Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year - 2015!!

Monday, December 29th, was our 44th Wedding Anniversary!  How blessed we are to have had 44 years together, to have six wonderful children who each married an amazing spouse in the temple and gave us 24 amazing grandchildren, and now to share this adventure in West Virginia!  After 16 months here (together 24/7) we still enjoy each other's company, work well together, and laugh a lot.  To celebrate we -- went to Wal-Mart...   And we went out to dinner, but found that the restaurants in Petersburg  (that would be 3) are closed on Mondays, so we ended up at a little pizza & pasta hole-in-the-wall place, but it was okay.  We know how to party....

Tuesday we had District Meeting, made a few visits, and helped out at the nursing home.  Wednesday and Thursday  missionaries were not supposed to go out proselyting.  Wayne practiced music and I worked on genealogy.  I also made a big bowl of applesauce and my first ever attempt at Brunswick Stew - so good.
The Elders were told to be in their apartments by 8 pm Wednesday night.  We did get to have a little more fun than they did, we went to a party at our Bishop's home.  It was great - good food, games, visiting, etc. (However I will not play "Curses" again - what a silly game!)  We got to see a few fireworks that the city sets off too.

Thursday - the first day of 2015.  It's going to be a great year, isn't it?!  It was a little chilly here, but we went for a hike.  Drove several miles out of town, then a couple miles up Smoke Hole Road, to the trail head of the Landis Trail.  Supposedly a great view at the top of the mountain, but all we saw was lots of trees that blocked any view.  The trail was rocky, slick with leaves in some places, and while not steep it was a good climb.  Very good exercise for us, and there were a few sore muscles the next few days.  We enjoyed relaxing and watching football and basketball on TV the rest of the day.

Friday we had our weekly meeting with our ward mission leader, then had some very good visits.  In the evening Wayne sang at the nursing home.  Saturday we had freezing rain in the night.  When we went out for our walk at 6:30 am the van was coated with a layer of ice.  The sidewalk was slick too, but the pavement was okay, so we ventured on.  When we got up the hill to the park we realized that we were foolish to be out,  and slid back down the hill to our cozy apartment.  Fortunately it warmed up by noon and we were able to set out on our planned visits to the far reaches of the ward - to visit Vada D., out past Mathias; Larry and Deb F. and Dan C. in Wardensville;  Jane H. on the way back to Moorefield,  and our new family in Moorefield.  The new family we are working with and like so well have been having challenges this past week.  The father Dwayne is in the hospital with divirticulitis,  the mom and kids are worried about him. We were able to console, calm, and encourage them and after we had prayer with them, the 11-year-old Lisa asked us why she felt like crying during the prayer.  Sweet opportunity to explain the Spirit. Our Elders arranged for a blessing to be given to Dwayne in the VA hospital in Martinsburg,  we hear that he appreciated that a lot.   All the visits went well and we can see how being here for so long has allowed us to build special relationships with these people some of whom have no other contact with the church.  They all said they enjoy our visits and for us to come back soon.  We feel like crying from the influence of the Spirit sometimes too.

Wonderful Fast & Testimony Meeting this morning.  Hope yours was good.   I get to do White Handbook Training this week in our District Meeting, and since we are doing apartment inspections this week too I think I will use Doctrine & Covenants 90:18:  "Set in order your houses; keep slothfulness and uncleanness far from you" and the section on Housing.  Can't help being a mother!  Thanks for the box of goodies and the bulbs, Judy.  Thanks for the wonderful, encouraging letter, Ferrin!  We love to hear from family and friends, it keeps us going.   Happy New Year!

Now that the leaves are off the trees, we spot many dreys like this.
What is a DREY?  Look it up.

We are trying to capture some of the beautiful sunrises we enjoy on our early morning walks.
We will keep trying.

New Year's Day hike.

Yes, my wife insisted we wear our bright yellow vests,
too many crazy deer, bear, and squirrel hunters in the woods around here...

Bulbs that my sister Judy sent me, growing a couple inches a day,
so fun to watch.

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