Sunday, December 14, 2014

A week of tiny miracles...

This week seemed very short - seems like I blinked and it was over!  I must begin with a couple of things that have nothing to do with West Virginia.  First of all, a family miracle:

Sunday, Dec 7th our daughter Karli in Lehi, Utah, wrote this about our granddaughter Katelyn:
Katelyn was in a car accident Wednesday night! I was at Golden Corral with Dustin. I took him there for a late birthday dinner. After that we were going to his futsal game. Katelyn texted me and said she was in an accident but she was ok and not hurt. She was not driving. She was riding with her friend Savannah on the freeway going to Sandy for student council. Savannah was going fast and changing the station on the radio and she slammed into another car. Her car was totalled and Savannah hit her head on the steering wheel. They took her to the hospital in an ambulance and Katelyn rode with her. The person in the other car had to go to the hospital too. Katelyn said is was so scary and she said it was a miracle she wasn't hurt. The next day her back and neck hurt and she is still kind of sore. Katelyn will probably not be riding with Savannah anymore. It was a good lesson about how you should always keep your eyes on the road and be careful! And I am so grateful Katelyn was protected, and Savannah too. It could have been much, much worse!

Monday, Dec 8th our grandson Dallin who is on a mission in Mozambique wrote:
Lastly, one night this week, I was saying my nightly prayers, just before going to bed, and I felt impressed during the prayer to pray for the safety of my family back in the United States. So I did, and asked for them to be protected. Today, I read the emails from my family, and saw that my sister, Katelyn (who turns 18 this Saturday!) was involved in a pretty crazy car accident! She wasn't driving, but her friend's car was totaled. They had to go to the hospital in an ambulance, and her friend was hurt but Katelyn came out practically untouched. HOW COOL IS THAT???? Every one was ok, and I know for sure that God protected them in that moment, and that my prayer and the accident had to have occured the same night.

Okay, that made me cry.  Pretty special.  Also I got an email from a LaGrande neighbor - she lives right next to our house there.  Right next to it. 

 Our household has been in a terrible uproar since the evening of Dec. 1st. A little past 7:00 PM the girls (two little dogs)  were outside for potty time and they saw a cougar attack two dogs in the driveway.  I was able to get them in the house but could not help the other dogs.  The larger dog was not injured bad but have not been able to locate the smaller dog.  My driveway and garage is a mess, still trying to wash off the blood. 
The girls (dogs)  don't want to go outside when it is dark now so I go out with a flash light and Ryan is going to install a motion senser light out back.  I got the street light re-installed out front.  

Not that much excitement here. We are still making as many Christmas visits as we can between other commitments.  We did Family Home Evening with a less active family that is usually difficult to see - Brandi and Bobby Lee and their three children.  It went pretty well, especially the singing part. We had District Meeting, service at the nursing home, more visits, etc.  Wednesday was awesome - we went to the temple with Becki and Theresa.  It was a beautiful day, the traffic wasn't too bad, and both ladies loved and appreciated the trip.  We finally got back in to see our friend Kathy, she has postponed several times because of work or family, but we had a great visit with her and she said she would come to the ward Christmas dinner this Friday!   We had a nice Relief Society Christmas Party Thursday evening and at the gift exchange I received a large mug and a mug warmer, so perfect for hot chocolate on cold winter evenings, I was happy with that.

We don't think we will get all the visits made that we had hoped to before Christmas, but all the visits we have made have been special, and seem to be appreciated.  We will keep plugging along at the list.  One visit was pretty interesting.  We had tried to find Dwayne soon after we arrived here as we were going down the ward list, but had an incorrect address, then someone said he was in the military and not in the area.  So we gave up.  Last month when we were working at the Food Pantry someone we were helping commented on Wayne's name badge and said that they were LDS too and had just moved back to Petersburg.  As he visited with her he found out that she was Dwayne's sister!  She told us that Dwayne had recently moved back to Moorefield and she gave us his address.  We visited him and his cute family a week ago and just loved them.  We made an appointment with them for Friday night and took two of the Elders with us. Dwayne is 37 and is the only member, his wife is from Germany and really nice, he has four children, ages 11, 9, 7, and 4.   The Elders enjoyed meeting the family and after our Christmas message and Wayne's songs, Dwayne asked the Elders if they could come teach his family about the church (we really were just about to ask him that very question!). They are coming to the ward Christmas party and the ward will love them...  That was a series of little miracles, I know the Lord cares about that family.

Have a great week.  Look up John 3:16 for a reminder of the real GIFT.   We love being here.


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