Sunday, October 19, 2014

Learning to be FLEXIBLE...

Plans change.  Learn to live with it! Flexibility goes along with patience as two virtues I struggle with. Continually. This was a week where plans kept changing.  Oh, well.  It did have some bright spots.

On Tuesday we took our Petersburg Elders to Romney for District Meeting. Wayne and I plus the five Petersburg Elders (Rodrigues, Bronson, Hall, Moore, Lyon) joined the two Romney Elders (Farr and Mordecai).  After the meeting we tried to take some district pictures, since transfers are coming this Wednesday and Elder Hall is going home.  We think there may be more changes too, so wanted to get a picture.  We were trying to use the timer on the camera and didn't do too well. After the meeting and pictures, we all had lunch at Burger King then drove about 5 miles to the house that the Romney Elders live in.  Wayne and I did house inspection and car inspection.  (They passed).  Then we drove home.  It got very quiet in the van - unusual with five Elders in the back.  I had to take a picture of nap-time.  So cute.

When we got home from Romney, Wayne and I made a couple visits, then did service at the nursing home. Wednesday  Wayne's High Priest Group Leader asked him to go visiting with him, so they spent most of the day visiting (and taking beautiful Fall pictures).  I stayed home and did house work, indexing, genealogy, worked on a lesson, etc.  In the evening I went to the church to help Becki with her genealogy.  Thursday we went to a nice Volunteer Appreciation Lunch at the Presbyterian Church for people who help with the local Food Pantry.  We had an appointment with Kathy scheduled for the afternoon, but she cancelled (she was called in to work at the school cafeteria).  We did get to see Robin and Traci before we had to pick up Becki and drive her an hour-and-a-half to the Winchester Virginia Stake Center to meet with the Stake President and get her very first temple recommend signed.  She is pretty excited about that.  We had hoped to take her to the Washington DC Temple on the 18th, but they were too crowded that day.  We did get an appointment for the 25th and hope that all works out for her.

Friday we did apartment and car inspections for the two missionary apartments here in Petersburg.  Wayne sang at the nursing home in the evening.  Saturday we had planned to go to the temple, but didn't.  So we made a couple of spur of the moment visits.  Stopped by a couple that we had been trying to schedule an appointment with for a long time - Mary and George D.,  caught them both at home, left some fresh home-made rolls and a message.  She promised to find a time soon when we can come for a longer visit.  Then we stopped by Irene's.  She is an older lady, almost blind, lonely, no other contact with the church.  She looks forward to and enjoys our visits.  She was glad to see us, I taught her the Visiting Teaching message and gave her some rolls, too (Jesus Christ - the Bread of Life).  When we asked if there was anything we could do for her, she hesitantly said yes - that she had been craving some cheese, but was out of it.  Would we mind going back down the road a few miles to the little store in Maysville and getting her a pound of sliced Longhorn cheese?  Of course we were happy to.  When I got back and took it in to her, she confided that she had asked both her daughter and her son who live nearby, but neither were able to go get cheese for her. And then she had thought to herself that if the missionaries would just come by, maybe they would get her some!  She was pretty tickled we had showed up - I told her she must have prayed us there...
After seeing Irene, and making the cheese run, we drove to Moorefield, picked up a few things at Wal-Mart, ran the car through the car wash, and had dinner at a little Mexican restaurant.

Nice Sabbath day, Wayne and I both had lessons to teach.  One woman that the Elders have been visiting who hasn't been to church in a long time showed up with her nonmember husband and kids.  Also our friend Connie who has only been once since she became inactive 20 years ago.  We have been visiting her monthly and she is truly awesome.  Wants to come regularly now, even though she lives about an hour from our church. Wayne just returned from making a visit with a ward member,  and we are scheduled for a lesson with the Elders in Moorefield with a sweet elderly lady that they are teaching.  She is pretty special, we are happy to get to see her again.
We will be in the van a lot this coming week.  Zone Meeting in Woodstock on Tuesday (where we also get to see the movie "Meet the Mormons"!),  transfers in Columbia Wednesday (that's about a 3 hour trip),  and temple on Saturday.  When we keep busy the time just flies by.  Our love to each of you.

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