Sunday, September 28, 2014

This Week Was Just One Good Thing After Another

On Welton Mountain, overlooking the Petersburg, WV, valley 
This week just seemed to be one good thing (miracle, tender mercy) after another:
-Sunday evening email from Karli, updating us on the Poyfair week (thanks, Karli, for never missing a week)
-Monday email & pictures from Laura (thanks so much)
-email from our missionary grandson Dallin in Mozambique, Africa, whose letters entertain, amaze, inspire, and even scare us a little...
-facebook music video from the Thueson kids' kazoo band and singers performing "I Hope They Call Me on a Mission" for Grandma and Grandpa.  Elder Orton used it for a special musical number at our District Meeting on Tuesday, too, and the Elders all loved it!
-pictures from Amie of our newest granddaughter Klarisse Thueson, at about 8 months old. (thanks, Amie)
-various generous Petersburg ward members sharing with us apples, tomatoes, peppers, jam, and cake, and inviting us to dinner, too!
-quite a few good visits with older single sisters in the ward and another long day of fun visiting and home teaching with great companions who we have come to love and appreciate.
-our good friend Becki at age 66 after 10 years in the Church getting her first temple recommend!  We will take her to Winchester to meet with the Stake President next week, then accompany her to the Washington DC Temple mid-October - we are so happy for her...
-Thursday getting a call from our Romney Elders that the wonderful couple we love up there has set a baptismal date  (more from Wayne on that subject to follow)
-a visit from my sister Judy, who drove all the way from northwest Arkansas to see us.  So good to see her and we had such fun in her short 2 1/2 day visit!
-a wonderful General Women's Broadcast that included my new favorite phrases:  "When daughters of God focus on the Temple, God is able to send blessings"  and  from President Uchtdorf  "Live the Gospel Joyfully"

It was an almost-perfect week.  Except that the water heater in our Meridian house gave out and poor Devin's family has been without hot water for several days. Good luck to Devin in replacing it.  And a few problems at church today, including low attendance  (but two less active women that we visited last week did show up! Yeah!).  And me remembering in the middle of sacrament meeting that I was supposed to pick up Traci - I hurriedly left, drove up to her apartment, and after apologizing, encouraged her to return with me for the rest of the meetings!  Fortunately she was a good sport about it and enjoyed Sunday School and Relief Society.

So here follows Elder Orton's doorbell story, then some pictures of my sister's visit.

Tender Mercies:
A couple we had met in July and helped the missionaries teach a few lessons to,  suddenly asked for no contact with any missionaries or members.  We were very surprised and disappointed as they were wonderful and loved the gospel and the Lord’s teachings.  We didn’t know what had happened but felt like they would be back and we all needed to be patient.
This all happened outside of our area.  One of the elders from here got transferred to that area and was hoping to be around when this couple wanted to see missionaries again.  One day recently they were out working this area and they just got the impression that they should stop by and just say hi.  They went up to the door.  One of them was about to knock on the door because he had learned that doorbells “don’t work around here”.  As he was about to knock, he just rang the doorbell instead.  They came to door, invited them in and they were able to start teaching them again.  In fact, this week they called the missionaries to let them know that they had set their baptismal date.
More to the story:
After this couple had asked for no contact and that they wanted some “space”,  they continued reading and praying about what they should do.  They felt like they just weren’t getting any answer.  One night as they were sleeping she thought she heard the doorbell ring.  She was so sure that she asked her husband to go down and check to see if anyone was there.  He hadn’t heard anything but checked anyway.  No one was there.
She pondered on this and decided that this may have been a guide to the answer they were looking for.  She decided that the answer would come through the doorbell.  Shortly thereafter came the doorbell ringing from the two young elders.
We love this couple and are really excited to attend their baptismal service soon. 

Sister Orton and her sister Judy in front of the beautiful B&B where she stayed

Beautiful interior of the Judy B&B

A picture-perfect view on the way to the fish hatchery

Judy and Wayne admire our West Virginia Golden Trout

Lovely picnic area by the fish hatchery where we had lunch

Buggy museum

Outside the Lost River Craft Shop and Museum


Interesting deserted house along our drive from Lost River

The Stump Cabin -oldest extant structure in West Virginia, built in the mid-1700's on land surveyed by
a young George Washington.  Recently restored and open for tours over the weekend. 

To get to the Stump Cabin we had to drive over this narrow cement bridge - I was a little anxious...

Beautiful old home in Moorefield we were able to tour also, but not allowed to take pictures inside.
Built in the early 1900's, lovingly maintained and furnished. 

We even went to a quilt show, this was my favorite.

My sister's favorite.

While Judy and I went to the quilt show, Wayne went to a car and tractor show.

The End!   Have a great week.  

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