Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mid-way Point...

Did you know that Senior Couple 2-year missions are really for 23 months?  Something about how if you stay in one place for 2 years you have to declare residency, and 23 months avoids that.  Anyway,  half of 23 months is 11 1/2 months - which is how long we have been out now! How fast it has gone by - adjustments, challenges, joys, miracles, disappointments, growth, fun, new experiences, humbling experiences, weaknesses exposed, etc.  Such a neat experience to share, we are so blessed.  Thanks for your encouragement, love, and support.  We carry on....

We just got back from dinner and visit with one of the neatest families in our ward.  They are taking their two
Kevin, Ashley, Calli, Briana, Sherrie
oldest daughters to BYU-Idaho in a couple weeks and we wanted to spend a little time with them, tell them how much we appreciate them, and give a little message on the Armor of God - with advice for this new adventure in Ashley & Briana's lives. Too few families like this one around here, with both parents in the home,  good jobs, emphasis on the gospel and education.  Nice evening.

Our week was pretty busy, of course. We try to keep our Mondays free for chores and fun,  but that doesn't seem to be working very well.  Last Monday was the day designated by a lady I visit teach and Wayne home teaches as the "only day all month" that we could come see her.  So mid-afternoon we picked up our friends Johnny and Janet, and drove way out in the country to Carol's beautiful home for a special visit.  We had a beautiful drive, a good visit and lesson(s) with her,  fun with Johnny and Janet, and saw lots of deer in the countryside.

Tuesday we drove our two Petersburg and three Moorefield Elders up to Romney, to meet with the two Elders there for our District Meeting.  After a quick lunch at Burger King we came back to Petersburg (dropping the Moorefield Elders off in Moorefield where they had left their car).  Wayne and I took a brief rest, then picked up Elder Lyon and Elder Bronson and traveled half an hour out to our dinner appointment. Delicious meal, visiting, and message there, then we visited three other member homes in the area.  At one home, just the husband was home but he had his corn hole game set up in the back yard, so he and Elder Orton challenged the two Elders to a game. It was a pleasant evening.  Just as we were finishing our visits it started pouring down rain, really needed for this area.  Nice day, but loooong.

Visits, indexing, genealogy, and music practice Wednesday.  Thursday we had Bingo at the nursing home in the afternoon.  Then John and Audrey came here and went to a lesson with Traci with us.  Then we all went to the church:  ladies to Relief Society night meeting,  men to practice music for a couple of upcoming engagements.  Thursday John and Audrey came here for their Book of Mormon study time and had dinner with us,  then Johnny & Janet came.  Janet and I worked on genealogy while Wayne, John, Audrey, and Johnny went up to the nursing home and entertained the residents for an hour. Fun evening for all of us and a treat for the residents at the nursing home.

Saturday morning we found out how out of shape we were in spite of our morning walks!  We had been bothered by the lack of care of our church grounds.  The lawn gets mowed every week but no other attention.  So we borrowed some tools and spent the morning cleaning, weeding, and trimming around the church.  Looks so much better now, but sore muscles for us..  In the afternoon we went to our favorite walking place, a small Civil War park, Fort Mulligan, on the top of the hill above our apartment complex. There is a nice walking path around it, and Saturday they had an old time band, buggy displays, a Civil War encampment,  and mock battle.  Interesting.  Today we had, of course, the special blessing and privilege of taking the sacrament,  great meetings, great attendance, friends (Johnny, Janet, and Oscar) over for dinner, worked on genealogy with Janet while Wayne went visiting with Johnny.  Then supper and visit with Kevin, Sherrie, Ashley, Briana, and Calli (and new kitten Maisy).  We are tired and ready for a rest.  But Wayne is building fence tomorrow with a neat member/farmer who doesn't come to church yet, but is such a nice man. Wayne is looking forward getting out of his white shirt and tie to do a little farm work in jeans and work shirt.
So begins the second half of our mission.  Our week to come will include taking five missionaries to the DC Temple - what could be better than that??

Look closely at this "instrument"

God changes caterpillars into butterflies,
Sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds
He's working on YOU too.

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  1. Sister Bronson and I really enjoy your blog, and especially this week with a few pictures with our missionary Elder Bronson. Thanks for the effort and great care you take with all the missionaries!! Doug Bronson