Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pretty uneventful week...

We have had a reasonably quiet week.  Both feeling good,  weather has been changeable - hot and humid one day, cool and rainy the next.  Wayne did get to go fishing Monday morning - didn't catch anything but on the way home he stopped and visited a less-active man he had been trying to catch at home, so I guess he did catch something after all!  We had a fun barbecue at a member family's home, great lunch then fun afterward:  corn hole (of course),  pellet guns to shoot at targets,  board games with the kids.  There were two families, two single members, and six missionaries, so a good group.  Very nice.

The rest of the week was spent doing our end-of-the-month visiting and our regular service hours at the nursing home and family history center (room).  We had a great visit with our new friend that we met at the food pantry and she wants the elders to start coming and teaching her grandchildren.  I took our neighbor up to the hospital so she could visit a friend and we watched her baby for an hour.  Our good friends, Dave and Elaine, showed up on our doorstep one morning with strawberries, lettuce, and onions from their garden (that Wayne helped roto-till).  That was a nice surprise.  My good friend Traci gave us chili, cornbread, and chocolate cake today - in appreciation for all the rides and visits.  Very sweet of her.  There are several in the ward that must think it's our job and we get paid to help them and run them around, so it's nice when someone expresses appreciation for our efforts...

Last night Wayne drove way out in the country to give a blessing, then picked up our High Priest Group Leader and drove an hour and a half to the Stake Center where our stake president was giving some priesthood leadership training.  He didn't expect it to last 3 hours!  Then a long drive home.  But again, I appreciated the "alone time" and was car-less, so couldn't go anywhere.  I did get the apartment cleaned, prepared for our temple prep class, caught up our mission journal, -- and watched a Hallmark movie!
Nice testimony meeting today.  The Parks came over to our apartment after church for dinner, then Audrey and I went back to the church and worked on genealogy.

We are looking forward to a trip to the DC temple this week with the mission president and other senior couples.  And I'm sure we'll find lots else to keep us busy and out of trouble.

Happy Anniversary this week to Julie and Matt.  What an awesome couple.  We miss you so much.
Our love to all our family and friends.

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