Sunday, March 2, 2014

We had a good week!

Yes, we had a good week.  Very busy, that's the way we like it.  But Wayne is coming down with another cold - so he is taking a nap this afternoon,  I won't let him go out in the pouring rain and besides, who wants someone with a cold to come visit them?  So here is our week:

Monday Wayne went with the Elders and some other ward members on a service project.  They drove to Upper Tract, to the Holloway home.  Jimmy Holloway recently had heart surgery and is slowly recuperating. There was siding coming off their home and flapping in the wind, so the guys repaired it for them.  Good project.  It happened to also be the day for the Red Cross Blood Drive and I didn't want to miss that but Wayne had the van - so I walked to it.  It was further than I thought to the Baptist Church where it was held, also didn't take into consideration that I would have to walk back home after giving blood.  So I sat there a little longer than usual, had a few snacks and a couple glasses of
juice, and I was fine to walk back home. After Wayne got home we drove to Moorefield for some groceries at Wal-Mart.

Tuesday we had a District Meeting in the morning, then we drove to Wardensville in the afternoon to do some visiting.  Then helped with Bingo at the nursing home in the evening.  Wednesday we were able to take our four Elders to the Washington, DC, Temple.  What a nice day.  We left about 5:30 am.  The traffic was pretty congested part of the time and there was a little snow, but it was a great experience and the Elders loved it.  It was a new experience for them, the mission was just given permission
for the young missionaries to attend the temple every six months, instead of just at the end of their mission, so they were very excited to go.  It's always fun to travel with the four of them, they manage to have a good time even when we are stuck in traffic.  They wanted to go to the nearby small LDS bookstore after our session,  and to stop at a Costco for shopping and lunch.  Our Wyoming Elder had never been to a Costco, so he was pretty wide-eyed.  It was a very nice day.  Wayne and I were tired when we got home (about 6:30 pm), the Elders still had places to go and things to do.  They have way more energy than we do.

The rest of the week was pretty normal - meetings, visiting, planning and paperwork, genealogy, etc.  We had a great attendance at church today.  One inactive lady we have been working with came and brought her neighbor.  The neighbor loved it and said she would like to come back every Sunday "if that was all right?" We have two investigators that are nearing baptism, one stayed after church today to work on genealogy with me for an hour.  And several new friends who have not been attending church are returning.  At church today we had three dinner invitations for the next couple weeks, and yesterday an inactive friend brought us four dozen fresh eggs to share with the Elders.  Two thoughts from our Relief Society lesson today that I loved:
     In all of living have much Fun and Laughter.  Life is to be Enjoyed and not just endured.  (Pres. Hinckley)
     Happiness is not determined by what happens on the outside of us, it is determined by what happens on           the inside.

A big snowstorm is expected tonight and tomorrow.  I wouldn't mind being snowed in for my P-Day.  
Thank you to the Acors for the pictures along the way of their vacation,  looks like a great time.
Happy Birthday to Cameron on Friday and Julie on Saturday.  We love you.
I hope my grandchildren are working on the questions I sent you....
We did have a good week and know that the next week will be great as well. We are so blessed. Happy March.

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