Sunday, February 2, 2014

Opportunities to Serve

So if a BYU basketball game in Provo begins at 9 pm - how late does Wayne (in West Virginia, Eastern Time Zone) have to stay up to watch the entire game??  Well, evidently it was worth it.  I watched the first few minutes, saw 4 BYU turnovers, numerous missed shots, and they were behind so quickly by 8 points. So I went to bed.  Missed a great game, I hear,  but don't worry, we have it recorded...  We have finally had some warm weather here, I think it got up to 60 today so our snow and ice is almost all melted, but more snow is predicted this coming week.  Pretty good attendance at church today, with three non-members.  We get to go with the Elders to teach one or two of them this week.  Also will do the dreaded apartment and car inspections for our Petersburg Elders too, since transfer day is the 12th and we are supposed to do our inspections the week before transfers.  I've given the Elders a pretty detailed list of what I want done this time, we'll see if they comply.

We did have a pretty nice week.  Lots of opportunities to serve and that makes us feel useful and happy. We have had three ward members in the hospital and we visited them daily.  Our apartment is very close to the hospital and all the bishopric, priesthood, and Relief Society leaders live 10 to 50 miles away, so it works out well for us to do the hospital visits.  Wayne also drove one older gentleman home from the hospital and was involved in a ward clean-up project at his home yesterday.  Another day he gathered a couple guys together to practice music for the upcoming ward activity.  One evening he met our High Priest group leader out in Lost City to assist in giving a blessing.  I helped with Bingo at the Nursing Home one afternoon, gathered information for and printed the ward Sunday program/bulletin, and yesterday made a casserole for one of my visiting teaching women who recently had surgery.  After church today we collected meals from several RS sisters and delivered them  about 20 miles out in the country to this recovering woman.  We had a nice visit and she greatly appreciated the food and the attention.

We had a great zone meeting in Woodstock (70 miles away) Tuesday with lunch all together at Wendy's afterward.  We took the four Petersburg Elders in our van, and because I am really working on "Patience", I tried not to murmur when our district leader told us that he needed to be there for a meeting at 9 am, when the main meeting that the rest of us had to be there for didn't start until 10:30.  We made the best of it and made a quick trip to the Woodstock Wal-Mart, then had a good visit with our friends, the Kunz', who are assigned over in that area.

We had some special visits last week, with people we are slowly building relationships with.  They seem happy to have us return and we enjoy our time with them.  George and Mary Demand, a working couple who are very difficult to catch at home, actually made an appointment with us for Saturday and had fixed a nice lunch of soup and chicken sandwiches for us.  She is an inactive member, he is not a member.  He is friendlier each time we meet with them.  We had a good visit and left a message, scripture reading assignment, and an invitation for the ward activity with them.  They raise chickens and sent us home with a couple dozen fresh eggs - Wayne was very happy that I made deviled eggs for him last night.  

Friday night we went out to eat at a local Chinese restaurant.  After we had been there a while, a couple came in and were seated right across from us.  There weren't very many people in the restaurant and they asked us if we were driving the van with the Idaho license plates.  They drive truck across the country and were curious as to where we lived.  That led to a conversation that eventually led to the church.  Come to find out he was the son of a sweet widow member lady that we visit monthly, he lives right above her and we have tried to catch him at home a couple times.  Now we are friends and they said to be sure and stop by sometime ...   Coincidence or missionary tender mercy?!

Happy Birthday #7 today to Krista.  And to Miss Ellie Rose on Thursday, when she turns 10!  Official name finally released for our new granddaughter - Klarese Faith Thueson.

We had a  note from Darin that some of our Orton kin might be interested in:
"Our ward (Warden, Washington) was visited today by a sweet old lady who has family in the ward.  One of her great-grandchildren was blessed (a baby) today.  The old lady's name is Marylou Cox and whenever she visits she makes a point to talk to me and tell me how highly she regarded my grandparents.  She knew them when they lived in Warden all those years ago.  When I saw her today I approached her to greet her and shake her hand.  When she saw me she smiled and said that I looked like my grandfather.  That made my day.  I am thankful for him and the life he led.  It inspires me to be better."    Thanks for sharing that, Darin.

Take care all.

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