Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Update

We had a great mission conference in Frederick on Monday.  Beautiful drive over there, but we had to get up very early to be there by 8 am.  We drove past Harper's Ferry and hope to go there sometime to explore, looks very interesting.  At the mission conference Elder and Sister Carlson and Mission President and Sister Richards did a great job of instructing and inspiring.  We enjoyed a very nice dinner after, with the other senior couples in the mission and the Carlson's and Richard's.  My "Sun Dried Tomato Orzo with Basil" actually turned out very good, the entire meal was lovely.  The small meeting/fireside after was nice as well.  Elder Carlson is over the Middle East and North Africa area, so had some interesting information and good stories for us.  When the meetings were concluded we stayed the night in a nearby Hampton Inn.  It had been a long day and it was nice not to have to drive clear home Monday evening.  Since we were in meetings Monday,  Tuesday was designated as our Preparation Day for the week, so Wayne and I actually got to go shopping.  We went to a large Walmart,  to the nice Costco in Frederick, and to the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick.  Found a Golden Corral for a late lunch, then drove home. 

Wednesday we had a little training at the Food Pantry,  then District Meeting (with our Zone Leaders there visiting).  After we did some visiting.  Found a new member of our ward and also visited a couple others.  That evening while I worked at the Family History Center Wayne sang at the Nursing Home for the first time.  They loved him, of course, and invited him back again. 

Thursday we had quite a drive visiting our friend Woneda in Moorefield,  then out to see Joy and Forrest Whetzel.  Our GPS took us the back way - bad idea!  Very bad road,  we'll know not to go that way again.  Joy wasn't even home, but we had a good visit with her nonmember ailing husband, Forrest.   He had a good chuckle at our misadventure getting there ("I tol ya not to go on that there back road!").  And when I told him I missed seeing his wife at church last Sunday, he replied,  "I reckon you did, 'cuz she weren't there."  We really like him.  When I saw his wife at church this morning she invited us to come back for dinner in a couple weeks. 

Friday we drove to the community of Dorcas, to get our bearings there.  We need to track down several families in that area.  We worked on our directory pages for a couple hours, then we picked up a nearby single sister,  Becky Hovatter, and took her with us to Winchester, Virginia, for our Stake High Priest Dinner/Social.  It was so nice.  Good meal,  good program.  Part of the program was several songs played on the harp by our Stake President's wife,  and on one song he sang with her.  He has a wonderful voice.  Becky so enjoyed the evening, so did we.  But it was pretty late when we got home. We are her home/visiting teachers now. 

On Saturday Wayne left about 9 am for a service project.  He, our four Elders, a man from our ward, and several men from a local service organization were bulding a wheelchair ramp and porch for a disabled man in our ward.  They worked on it for about 6 hours (with a pizza break).  Good project.  I had a peaceful morning working on my sacrament meeting talk and the lesson I was teaching in Relief Society.  Also did some household chores, exercised, showered, read, etc.  In the afternoon we working on our directory pages some more and watched the BYU football game.  Today, Sunday,  I survived speaking in church (had to be the week the Stake President chose to visit our ward!).  Also had a fun time teaching RS.  Wayne was called to be the 1st assistant to our High Priest Group Leader.  He is needed there, to keep the peace and to help improve their attitude towards home teaching.  Had a good day today, and received several dinner invitations for the coming weeks.  Good, generous, humble people. 

We want to hear about Cameron and Angie's trip to Florida and the Piano Guys concert!  Happy Birthday on Wednesday to granddaughter Klora!  Darin agreed to email today, with pictures, we look forward to that.  Molly recently broke her finger and has a splint on it - did you know that? 

Have a great week.  OYM

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